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The Crop Assistance Scheme: Compensation for Vegetable Crop Losses


In a significant move, the government has expanded the scope of the Crop Assistance Scheme to include vegetable crops. Under this scheme, farmers will now receive financial assistance for the losses incurred in vegetable cultivation. Vegetables are a cash crop, and many farmers prefer cultivating them over grains because they offer higher profits. By directly selling vegetables to consumers in the market, farmers can earn better returns. On the other hand, selling grains often involves dealing with intermediaries, which reduces their profit margins. Encouraging vegetable cultivation, the government has announced compensation for the losses incurred in this sector.

Why was this Decision Made?

Adverse weather conditions often lead to significant damage to crops, resulting in losses for farmers. In some cases, the losses are so severe that farmers struggle to arrange funds for the next crop. Considering the challenges faced by farmers, the government has decided to include vegetable cultivation within the Crop Assistance Scheme. This will ensure that farmers receive financial assistance from the government in case of crop damage. It aims to compensate farmers for a substantial portion of their losses incurred in vegetable cultivation.

Eligibility for Compensation

Farmers in Bihar who are registered under the Crop Assistance Scheme and possess a Bihar residency certificate along with a farmer registration number are eligible to benefit from this scheme. To avail of the scheme, farmers who haven’t registered yet can visit the official website of the Bihar Agriculture Department’s DBT Agriculture and complete the registration process. More details about the registration process are provided on their website.

Compensation Amount

Under the Crop Assistance Scheme in Bihar, farmers will be eligible for compensation if their vegetable crop is damaged up to 20% or more. The compensation amount varies based on the extent of damage:

·        For crop damage up to 20%: ₹7,500 per acre will be provided by the government.

·        For crop damage exceeding 20%: ₹10,000 per acre will be provided by the government.

Required Documents for Application

To apply for the Crop Assistance Scheme in Bihar, farmers must possess the following essential documents:

1.      Aadhaar Card

2.      Farmer Registration Certificate/Number

3.      Bank Passbook

4.      Farmer’s Mobile Number

5.      Declaration Letter

6.      LPC or Revenue Receipt (dated after March 31, 2022)

7.      Email ID (if available)

Important Information for Claiming Compensation

During the online application process, farmers should provide details such as crop selection, name of the crops, and the area sown. Both tenant farmers and landowners are eligible to claim compensation. Tenant farmers are those who cultivate on leased or rented land. They should provide the declaration letter verified by the ward member or a nearby agricultural advisor. Landowners or tenant farmers must ensure that all documents are self-attested.

How to Avail Compensation?

To avail compensation for vegetable crops and other crops under the Bihar Crop Assistance Scheme, farmers need to apply online. The following steps outline the process:

  1. Visit the official website of the Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme:

2.      Register for the Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme by visiting and create a password using your farmer registration number.

3.      Login to the portal using your credentials.

4.      Fill out the application form, providing all the necessary details about the losses incurred in vegetable and other crop cultivation.

5.      Submit the application.

If you are not a registered farmer in Bihar, you can register on the DBT Agriculture Bihar website by visiting

For any assistance related to farmer support, the Cooperation Department has provided a helpline number: 0612-2200693, 1800-1800-110.